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Today is Wednesday, May 18, 2022
NetXcel has been our development partner for more than 7 years. They helped us move from a DOS based product to Visual Basic and then to an Internet/Intranet based product. NetXcel has been right there with us all the way, helping to make sure that we have the most competitive products in our marketplace. NetXcel has been a tremendous asset to our team!
NetXcel was founded in 1981, the same year that IBM introduced the PC. Founded by Wayne and Vici Churchman, the company did business for more than two decades under the name of Churchman & Associates. The company initially focused on the development of database applications for business, still our major focus today.

 Things change, some stay the same

Over the years, the computing platform has changed from centralized mainframes and mini-computers to more decentralized networks. The Internet has fueled explosive growth in software development, and yet, our focus on database applications remains as strong as when we started in 1981.

 Innovative problem solving

Another constant for us has been our focus on innovative problem solving for our clients. Today, most of our new systems development projects contain a strong Internet component along with the traditional solutions provided by relational database systems and newer technologies such as .NET.

 Long-term client relationships

We take pride in the systems that we've developed over the years but even more pride in our client relationships. We've been strategic partners of many clients for more than 5 years and some for more than 10 years.
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