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Today is Wednesday, May 18, 2022

NetXcel provided the development and systems integration expertise we needed to put together a top-tier eCommerce solution. Now we successfully market our merchandise on the net and maximize our brand thru cross-channel support.

Our 7 year relationship with NetXcel has been a great asset for my company. It's comparable to having an on site Paramedic... we have a problem, they fix it!

Our company has depended upon NetXcel professionals for over 10 years for all of our startup and continuing technology requirements. In our view, NetXcel has to be the technology partner of choice in the Metroplex and north Texas.

The site met all of our business objectives with some innovative database features to track newsletter subscriptions. All of this packaged in a well-designed website at a reasonable cost. We were uniformly pleased by the great job.

I would like to thank the staff at NetXcel for your outstanding performance in the design of our website. Your pragmatic approach in site design made this project very cost effective without compromising the final results. Thanks also for your responsive support.
Cavender's Boot City
Cavenders.com The largest Western-Wear retailer in the world, with 50 stores in four states, Cavender's wanted to be able to sell their merchandise on the internet. We created this e-commerce website (Cavenders.com) using MS Commerce Server and MS SQL Server. The site features a custom look suited to their market and many custom capabilities developed with Active Server Pages.

Try the site and buy some boots. Everyone needs at least one pair!
Dalworth Carpet Cleaning
A market leader, this home services company features their website in radio and television advertisements. The site provides pictures and descriptions for all of the services they offer. The site also promotes their reputation as a high-quality service provider, featuring on-line surveys and results available on-line. The site uses Active Server Pages and interfaces to their legacy FoxPro system and database.

Take a look at the comments of satisfied customers while you're on the site. Also, take a look at a Flash presentation on their process for cleaning Oriental Rugs.
McCue Paulee and Associates, P.C.
This law firm site provides an elegant feeling through the use of dramatic graphics and color schemes.

The News and Events link takes you to "Straight Talk", a newsletter that allows the firm to provide regularly updated information to subscribers as well as random site visitors. The search engine allows viewers to target the pages that contain items of interest.
Diamond Associates
Diamond Associates is a Dallas based business that specializes in document accounting and cost recovery systems for law firms and other professional companies.

The site has a clean, high-tech look that matches the technology based products that they sell and service. An online support system is a key element of the site. It permits customers to submit support requests directly to the company through the web site. The support feature has been a home run, helping the support organization to respond more quickly and efficiently.
Schmidt & Stacy Consulting Engineers
This engineering firm wanted a website that would provide information about the firm and a portfolio of their work. The portfolio section of the website is database driven so that it is easy to modify and update as they complete new projects.

In addition to projects, the site features pictures of some of the firm's people in interactive situations both at work and with clients.

The site also features an employment area that allows potential employees to submit their resumes on-line.
Hazsoft.com This interactive web application allows users to track their hazardous chemicals on-line. Implemented with Active Server Pages and a database backend, this application has been very successful as an on-line service for Hazsoft. The web application was based on a Visual Basic product that we'd previously developed for HazSoft.

To try the application, be sure to login to access all of the interactive features (otherwise you will only be able to view the data). Use a Login Name of "Internet" and password of "test".
Maloney, Bean, Horn & Hull, P.C.
This law firm features the areas of law practiced and resumes of the attorneys on staff. The site also contains articles on topics of interest to their clients. The site helps to establish the professional image of the firm.

Other features include a policies and procedures manual, implemented with Active Server Pages. This manual is available only to employees on their Intranet.
Prager, Metzger & Kroemer PLLC
The site for this law firm emphasizes the traditional, through the use of somewhat campy old illustrations, but at the same time evokes a modern feeling through the use of a clean, simple design. The contact us page features zoom in maps to locate the firm.
Chelsea Company
Chelsea Company is a leader among apartment management companies in New Haven, Connecticut. Their website makes good use of photography of their upscale apartments along with floor plans for each apartment.

Photography of scenes in the neighborhood and nearby Yale University portray the lifestyle available to apartment renters.
Bellavista Bed and Breakfast
Bellavista Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful vacation destination in St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands. Wendy, the proprietor, has built a nice business by catering to savvy upscale clientele who appreciate the extra services and quality touches that she provides.

The site has a high-quality look and feel with appealing photography that shows the property in its best light. The view really is breathtaking and the entire experience is first-class (we've stayed there). Contact Wendy and take a trip to her tropical paradise.
Caraway Communications
This communications company provides services related to tower construction. Their various services are described and pictures are used to create visual interest.

The tower location feature of the website uses Active Server Pages and a backend database to allow the user to find potential antenna locations on towers in areas of interest. Since the test database is sparsely populated, choose the "Nas-Jax - Venetia Plaza" Tower, located in Jacksonville, Florida, to see a good example of a tower with a number of antennas. Be sure to check the tower diagram for a good example of the power of Active Server Pages.
EMCORP (Elevator Monitoring Corporation)
A simple website for a startup company with a catchy theme ("It doesn't take a genius...") and visuals to capture the viewer's attention. This was important because the content is somewhat technical, so establishing an interest in viewing the entire site was a priority. The site uses a cartoon and humorous slogans throughout to maintain the viewer's interest.
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